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Aether Studios is a collaborative of 3D artists who bring a wide variety of genres to life. They have a massive portfolio of Dragonbite™-compatible modular and scatter terrain for tabletop gaming. Genres include fantasy/medieval, ancient civilizations, science fiction and spaceships, steampunk, cyberpunk, horror and hellscapes, post-apocalyptic, modern urban, swamp, jungle, under the sea, and many, many more.

Their content is perfect for building modular maps in unique settings, or for building a versatile scatter set in an unusual genre.

We are licensed to print any content produced by Aether Studios, even if it’s not listed in our store. If you see something on their website that interests you, contact us for more information or submit a Surveyor Service Request!

More information and designs can be found at

Aether Studios designs are compatible with Dragonbite™ modular tile system. Dragonbite™ is a trademark of Fat Dragon Games, for which Lay of the Land is also a licensed merchant.