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Welcome to Lay of the Land.

We're invested in the quality of your tabletop gaming experience. It's why we exist as a company.

For us, tabletop gaming is about connection. It's about storytelling. It's about taking on a challenge, together.

We want to bring you the enhanced, immersive gaming experience you envision.

We'll help you craft the worlds you've imagined.

Here's our story.

⏳ Too many games, too little time.

We love to play!

There's a lot to be said for the "theater of the mind". When we were kids, we gathered with pencil and paper, to roll dice and create stories together.

We got a few miniatures, and upgraded to simple props and terrain pieces we made at our crafting table. They were ok.

We wanted better, more detailed terrain to make it more fun. But so much of what we found for purchase wasn’t exactly what we needed for our game, or was beyond our budget.

We wanted pieces that were the right fit for our campaigns and wargames. And we wanted sets with replayability at a reasonable price point.

🌈 A whole new world...

We built more than just a castle.

So we learned to 3D print. We started making terrain and accessories for ourselves and our friends. We connected with amazing 3D modelers and designers.

We built our own modular 3D maps, using tiles we could rearrange into new ones in the next campaign. We made cool scatter pieces for playing skirmish games. We made fun dice jails and towers in whatever colors we wanted. They made nice gifts, too.

Our games got a lot more immersive. We brought a lot of new friends into the hobby who might have found it less accessible.

We want to share this experience with you. So you can spend more time playing your games in the environment you create. Or maybe you can just get something cool for yourself or a friend.

Here's a picture of our very first battle, on our very first piece of terrain we printed for a campaign. Sheena the barbarian is fighting a Big Bad at the top of a castle assembled from modular tiles.

The castle became our logo.

🦄 What makes us different?

We'll help you craft the worlds you've imagined.

We know there's a lot of places where you can buy 3D-printed tabletop gaming accessories and terrain. Here's what makes us different.

We're focused on bringing your game to the next level of immersion and enjoyment. Our purpose is to help bring that experience to you and your friends.

If what's in our store isn't exactly what you need, fill out a Surveyor Service Request. We'll draw from our library of thousands of licensed models to create the custom piece, set or layout that meets your needs. If we can feasibly make it, we will do our best to help your vision come to life on your tabletop.

It's important to us that we recognize the talented designers whose models we sell. We've created an area of our site for you to learn a little about each of them and their products.

We also source our materials from US suppliers, preferably those who also emphasize US supply chain, wherever possible.

Feel free to browse our store, check out our Design Partners, or drop us a line. We'd love to hear how we can help you craft your world!